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Our story

Bonjour my name is Hala…. I grew up in Paris, where dessert is considered a gourmet treat that can brighten an ordinary day. I wanted to bring that same sophisticated indulgence to America so I created Bonchou mini éclairs, a delicious dessert with a healthy and convenient twist.  

Bonchou mini éclairs are bite-size and guilt-free with only 70 calories and 4-5g of sugar in each éclair. Our Parisian recipe uses the highest quality natural ingredients like cage-free eggs, hormone-free milk, real butter and real 72% bittersweet Belgium chocolate. Creating a natural and indulgent dessert was no small feat, but we found a way. The secret lies in our flash-freezing process, which preserves the integrity, freshness and nutrition of our masterpieces. With Bonchou, you don’t have to be a pastry chef to enjoy these delicious bites of pleasure. Just thaw and enjoy, any time of the day.

Did you know éclair is the French word for lightning? At Bonchou, we think every day should have a little jolt of joy. We call these Lightning Moments and we’re here to share them through the magic of éclairs.  

 Because life’s too short to be Éclair-less.